Oh Really? 10 Facts About Glycolic Acid

Oh Really? 10 Facts About Glycolic Acid

This week, the spotlight’s on Glycolic Acid. This miracle substance increases your collagen, boosts cell turnover and improves skin thickness. The result: brighter, more even skin and fewer fine lines.

Here are the facts:

Glycolic acid is the most commonly used alpha hydroxy acid (or AHA) due to its safety and effectiveness.

Of all the AHAs its molecules are the smallest, meaning better skin penetration and absorption.

By boosting cell turnover, it reveals younger, healthier cells and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

It allows other products to penetrate more deeply because removes the ‘barrier’ of dead cells and surface grime.

It exfoliates evenly by destroying the bonds between old skin cells so they can easily be removed.

Because it clears dead skin cells so effectively, it releases blocked pores too.

If acne is a problem, using Glycolic Acid can be an excellent preventative measure.

Used frequently it can give continual improvement to the skin.

What to watch out for:

Products with too high a percentage can cause irritation, dryness, thin the skin and cause uneven pigmentation. Around 5% is completely safe; avoid anything above 10%.

When using Glycolic Acid products, always wear an SPF – your skin will be more sensitive to the sun.