Fresh and Natural: Facial Reshaping

Fresh and Natural: Facial Reshaping

If you haven’t heard of Facial Reshaping, it’s already making big waves in the beauty world. So, what’s it all about?

Despite the fact that most women want to remain natural looking, the majority of non-surgical procedures focus on one area of the face, which can lead to an out of balance effect that is anything but natural looking. We’ve all seen super smooth foreheads that have a ’done look’, and don’t match the rest of the ageing face. This mismatch between the treated area and the rest of the face often leaves a patient looking worse.

Instead of treating areas in isolation, Facial Reshaping is all about treating the face as a whole. As a talented portrait artist, Dr Harris uses his artistic eye to first assess the patient’s ideal facial shape and then the specific areas of the face. The ideal facial shape is oval, but for themselves women prefer a more heart-shape face. However, this is about restoring whatever the ideal shape is for each individual person. The secret for best results is in the art of using the right combination of Botox and Fillers in the right places. 

The key players in restoring an ideal shape are the forehead and eyebrows, the cheek bones and the jawline, including the chin. These key players are always considered together as treating one affects the look of the other, for example, shaping the chin improves the looks of the cheek bones and vice versa. The weakest area is always treated first with a ‘less is more’ approach as it is much easier to do ‘touch-ups’ at a later date than to correct overfilled areas.

The end result of Facial Reshaping is a fresher and more youthful appearance without looking ‘done.’ Patients leave looking refreshed, feeling more confident and, most importantly, natural looking. Click here to read what patients are saying.