Getting Cheeky

Getting Cheeky

Strong prominent cheek bones are commonly seen in models and are considered attractive in both men and women.

They form an integral part of Facial Reshaping, that is restoring the person’s ideal facial shape.

The ideal facial shape for both genders is oval (with a square jawline in men), so that the length of the face is 1.5 times the width and the distance between the sides of the cheeks (bizygomatic length) is 30% greater than the distance between the corners of the jaw (bigoniallength).

In men there is less of a difference between these measures as the facial shape tends to be more square with the cheeks projecting more towards the front rather than the sides.

All this information is very important during a cheek augmentation and as with all aesthetic procedures, my priority is to keep results looking normal, subtle and natural.

Unfortunately, there is an unhealthy trend these days toward exaggerated features and this applies to the cheeks as well so that they appear sharp and jut out excessively.

These type of cheeks are sometimes referred to as ‘villain cheeks’ as they are often associated with villain type characters who may also possess a sharp jawline and pointy chin for an overall ‘villain look’.

In reality, if you pass your finger over your cheek bone you will feel that it is rounded and not sharp and the same applies to your jawline and chin.

In my opinion, it is extremely important to work with the natural presenting anatomy to gently enhance it, rather than try to create something new.

The ideal aesthetic results are not obvious; they blend in and flow with the other areas of the face to restore a fresh look rather than a done one.