Dr Harris Aesthetics Doctor

I have always had an interest in shape and form, which I must have inherited from my creative parents; my father is an inventor and my mother a painter. So when I was working as a General Practitioner and came across an introductory course in Aesthetic Medicine 17 years ago, I knew instinctively that this was my calling. Since founding my clinic, I have performed over 40,000 procedures involving Facial Reshaping and my very own Nonsurgical Lip Tubercle (NLT) technique for lip enhancements.

I pride myself on working with care and dedication to help my patients look and feel great. A few years ago, I innovated a holistic approach to nonsurgical facial rejuvenation that aims to restore facial shape rather than treat areas in isolation.

I view and assess the face as a whole and use my artistic eye with a ‘less is more’ approach towards restoring shape, balance and symmetry. It has produced consistently pleasing, natural looking results and I’ve had very positive feedback from patients and colleagues.

I feel passionately that all practitioners should have a holistic and artistic approach to facial rejuvenation and continue to share my expertise in this area with regular publications and talks here in the UK and abroad.

Dr Steven Harris MB BCh MSc MBCAM

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