Great Cheekbones - All You Need To Know

Great Cheekbones - All You Need To Know

Is the widest part of your face just below your eyes? Congratulations, you have high cheekbones. The dipping in of the cheeks below the bone and the shadow that throws also gives them further prominence.

So, why do we all love strong cheek bones?

Some say that women with stronger cheek bones are deemed to be more fertile, yet nobody seems to have proved this, so perhaps it’s simply more a case of strong cheekbones being more determinedly adult looking than the rounder faces of children. They therefore signify that a woman is capable of producing babies. The same goes for men, whose cheekbones come with the testosterone of puberty.

There are other claims: high cheekbones are linked to social and economic success and people with prominent cheekbones are deemed to be more trustworthy.

So what happens to your cheekbones as you age?

Signs of ageing begin at the midface, with loss of volume and shape along the length of the cheek silhouette.

As you age further, bone loss means your face loses width and height, so that the sides of the cheek bones (zygomatic arches) reduce in size.

The cheeks are very important in Dr Harris’s Facial Reshaping technique because they, along with the forehead and jawline (including the chin) are responsible for the overall shape of the face. (Don’t know what Facial Reshaping is? Click here)

And here’s some beauty trivia for you: cheek fillers are Dr Harris’s most popular individual treatment.

So, what can you do to accentuate your cheekbones naturally?

Lose weight
Your cheekbones could be hidden beneath excess fat in your face.

Drink more water
The better hydrated you are, the easier it is for your body to flush out excess fluid retained in the face.

Chew gum
It works a number of the muscles around the face so has a sculpting effect.

Smile more :)
This engages several muscles around the mouth and can have a positive, knock-on effect on your cheekbones.

Become very clever with blusher, bronzer and highlighter
You know how to do this.

Still not seeing enough cheekbone? Read on.

Here’s how cheek fillers work.

Cheek fillers should always consist of Hyaluronic Acid. (Read about HA here.)

There are two main approaches, both of which should involve assessing the face as a whole. You definitely want to stay natural looking and NOT throw things out of balance.

Both of the below can be done in tandem if needed.  

  1. The cheeks can be restored toward the middle of the face giving more fullness (‘apple cheeks’).
  2. The sides of the cheeks are treated to give a stronger cheekbone line, sometimes referred to as the ‘model line’ or ‘top model’ look.

Treating the cheeks also has the effects of lifting the eyebrows (through a process called ‘myomodulation’), restoring under-eye hollowness, reducing the nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds), lifting the upper lip and the corners of the mouth and tightening the jawline and neck!

Now you understand why it’s Dr Harris’ most popular treatment...

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