All About Beautiful Noses

All About Beautiful Noses

Noses come in all shapes and sizes and aesthetically are very important given their location and the fact that they are the key component of a beautiful looking profile.

After eyes and lips, the nose has been found to be the focus of our gaze when looking at a face. And as with all other areas of the face it is important that the nose is proportional and suits the particular individual.

In general, there is a preference for noses which are centred, the same length as the persons ear and the same width as their eye. In profile, it should align with the chin (the lips being just behind this line). The tip of the nose should ideally be elevated as well.

However, there are also important racial differences to consider, for example in African and Asian people, the nose tends to be flatter and wider. Large or deviated noses are more often corrected by surgery (Surgical Rhinoplasty), but a nose can be made straighter (on profile), narrower and the tip may be lifted with the help of filler injections (Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty). Usually only one syringe of filler is required with injections restricted to the midline as this is the relatively safe area of the nose.

Since the blood supply of the nose can be complex and unpredictable, it is very important your practitioner is properly qualified with at least five years experience of treating noses. In the right hands Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty with fillers tends to be a very successful procedure with results lasting up to a year.