The Chin Effect

The Chin Effect

I'm going to share a beauty secret with you: your chin is more important than you may have realised when it comes to bringing youthful form back to the face. I shall tell you all, but first, let's take a step back.  

You may already know from my social media posts that I love drawing portraits. And if you draw too, you’ll know that when it comes to drawing faces, the first thing you need to get right is the shape. Only when you have your outline, do you start shading and then you add the finer details.

It is exactly the same for aesthetic procedures. Practitioners should look at the shape of the face first, bearing in mind that the ideal is oval, but for women it can be more heart shape and for men more square. So practitioners need to recognise the ideal facial shape for each individual they are treating.

Which leads us to the chin. Looking at the chin in the context of the overall face shape is essential given the many benefits of working on it. In women, augmenting the chin can give a rounder, more feminine shape (where the chin is equal to the width of the nose) and in men it can be made more square and masculine (equal to the width of the mouth).

But that’s not all; treating just this one area can improve the following:

  • the definition of the cheeks, by having a slightly hollowing effect under them, thereby slimming the face as well
  • the shape and definition of the jawline
  • the shape of the mouth

All this is what I call ‘the Chin Effect’, and often all that is required is 1ml (i.e. one syringe) of Juvederm Voluma.

Whatever the aim, or treatment, I believe firmly in using a ‘Less is More’ approach over the ‘More is More’. Besides being far less expensive, it is more elegant and artistic, producing beautiful natural results while minimising the chances of side effects and complications.