Ten New Year Inspirations for 2018

Ten New Year Inspirations for 2018

We’ve been giving a lot of thought to what’s important in this time of fresh starts. So here are ten inspirations and suggestions to keep you on track through January and beyond.

  1. Recent research states that new habits can take up to 66 days to become routine. What does this mean for resolutions? You got it, keep at them until they become automatic. So… leave out your gym kit the night before so you can get straight into your trainers, put a lemon by the kettle before bed for that first-thing cleansing drink, and always remove your make up before bed!
  1. Want to become more productive? Make a constructive plan based around only the things you want to get done. Then list all the things you do that waste time and ELIMINATE them. You’ll see how much more you can get done now you have reduced the amount of time you spend on activities that are not productive.
  1. Take inspiration from the 2018 resolutions of these trailblazers:

    Deloitte’s US CEO Cathy Englebert:
    Burnout is real, and it's essential to take the time to prioritize your well-being. Initially, it can feel selfish, but when you take time for yourself you will have more to give others. Not less.

    Motivational speaker Tony Robbins:
    To resolve, you need to be crystal clear — what specific result will you accomplish? What's your why? How will you do it? What tools, strategies, or resources do you need to make it happen?

    Retired Navy SEAL commander and author Jocko Willink:
    The day you control is this one. Today. So. Be disciplined today. Make today count. Get better today. This day. Everyday. If you do that, when you look up in weeks and months and years, you won't need a resolution to keep get you on The Path of Discipline. You will already be on there.

  2. Remember you have control of your own choices. This means that every time you make a decision or respond to a request, you get to decide whether it is worth your time and energy. Don’t give others permission to choose for you – and this applies to all areas of life – home, work, friends and health.

  3. You’ve heard it before but that’s because it’s important, so for the last time… 😊 Everything is better when you drink more water – your health, your skin, your mood. Go fill that glass and keep filling throughout the year!

  4. It’s your mind-set that governs your life. Only you decide to settle for second best, nobody else. Win, lose and everything in between: the battles take place in your head. End of.

  5. Start listening to podcasts. They are a brilliant way to expand your mind and broaden your skills on the go. Press play in the gym, on a run, during your commute or in the background at home.

  6. According to Tim Ferris: You are the average of the five people you associate with most, so do not underestimate the effects of the friends who drag you down. Make 2018 the year of hanging out with winners who, most importantly, support you in your goals. Feel the difference in your mood and your life.

  7. Give yourself time to do nothing. Even better, give yourself time to meditate. If this comes as a complete surprise to you, then look up the benefits – they are myriad. Most importantly, you will feel better, happier and calmer so you will probably look better too!

  8. Last but not least, be bold, be beautiful and take good care of your skin!