Dr Harris Eye Mask wins BCAM Research Award

Dr Harris Eye Mask wins BCAM Research Award

award-winning eye maskHot on the heels of Dr Harris making the finals of the first ever Distributors Den held earlier this year for the Dr Harris Eye Mask, we’re very proud to announce that it has won an award! The British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) has presented us with the first ever BCAM Research Award. The award recognised the results of the scientific trial of the Dr Harris Eye Mask, which showed a significant reduction in frown lines and improvement in mood after wearing the mask for 15 minutes. 

It's very exciting to get recognition for our new product, and since winning the BCAM Research Award for our Anti-Wrinkle Eye Mask, we’ve been working hard to bring it to market. In the meantime, we lift the lid on the science behind our trials, which show that the mask quickly reduces frown lines and calms the mind.

How does it smooth your lines?

Clinical trials show that the Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Eye Mask significantly reduces muscle activity related to stress.

The results? The frown reduces, the corners of the mouth turn upwards, clenching of the jaw diminishes and the definition of the jaw line improves.

As a result, the face becomes more heart-shaped and the patient appears less stressed, fresher and more youthful.

How does it soothe your mind?

Our faces have more than 17,000 sensory receptors, or nerve endings, which means that the face is highly responsive to touch. The eye mask is designed with small, raised silicone dots which stimulate nerve endings in the frown, forehead and eye areas that work to lower sympathetic nervous system activity and induce a more restful state.