chemical peels londonChemical Peels help treat acne, uneven skin (pigmentation) and changes related to smoking and the environment (sun, pollution).

What results can I expect?

New skin that is tighter and smoother in appearance. For optimum results use in conjunction with the Dr Harris skincare range.

How do Chemical Peels work?

Chemical Peels involve a non-toxic chemical (TCA), to lift off the superficial to medium layers of skin. Used with clinically proven facial creams, this stimulates new skin growth.

Are Chemical Peels painful?

The peels are not painful but give a warm tingling sensation when applied.

Are there side effects?

There is usually some some redness for an hour after the peel and there can be slight peeling of the skin 3-5 days after. There is minimal downtime; work and social engagements may be continued as normal. More serious side effects and allergic-type reactions are extremely rare.

How much does a Chemical Peel cost?

Dr Harris offers a free chemical peel consultation in his London clinic, and treatments cost from £100.