Dr Steven Harris discusses his Nonsurgical Lip Lift (NLL)

Dr Steven Harris discusses his Nonsurgical Lip Lift (NLL)

The NLL is a relatively safe and effective technique which makes use of the natural anatomy of the lips to gently and subtly augment them.

The typical amount of filler used is between 0.5-1ml in total and usually between 0.05-0.1ml per step. All the steps involve very slow injections anteriorly well in front of the superior labial artery and inferior labial artery.

The shape of the lips cannot be fundamentally changed, however they may be improved in terms of definition, symmetry and proportions. The ideal lips are well defined, symmetrical (left to right) and well-proportioned in relation to surrounding structures and the face as a whole. Their definition may be enhanced by subtly treating the fine vermillion border, but care should be taken not to overtreat this delicate structure as the filler can escape into the perioral area to create the very commonly observed and unsightly ‘duck look’.

Symmetry in the face is desirable, but in the lips it is essential and as with all other areas of the face, it is advisable to start treatment on the weaker side (to match the stronger side). The ideal lip ratio top:bottom is often said to be 1:1.618 in line with the ‘golden ratio’, but a 1:1 ratio may be more suitable depending on the rest of the face.

The NLL enhances definition, shape, symmetry and proportions without compromising the vermillion border. When performed correctly the NLL leads to consistently subtle and beautiful natural looking results with a very high patient satisfaction rate.

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